Agni Waste Management is a partnership company has been actively engaged in the bio-medical waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal as per BMW Rules – 1998 amended in 2003, 2011 and 2016. Our Company solely involved in Bio Medical Treatment, have already established well – connected network and providing services to more than 1500 HCFs in Vijayapur District.

The company had proved its excellence in waste management business by providing customer satisfaction through prompt service to each of its member units. The company also strives to carry forward the legacy of core-company by strictly following the guidelines laid by State and Central Pollution Control Board, for recycling the Bio Medical Waste in Eco-friendly manner as per organizations relief

Agni Waste Management has installed and commissioned India’s largest Incinerator for Bio Medical Waste Management in Vijayapur District

Our State of the art incinerator has a multistage emission control system based on dry scrubbing technology that saves a huge amount of water.

Our Mission is to be a national leader in waste disposal and recycling by partnering with government, business, individuals and communities to provide innovative and effective waste management solutions. Our aim to provide eco-friendly recycling services in line with the guidelines of Central and State Pollution control boards.

Our vision is a word with waste management solutions in place, leading to a cleaner environment, better health and safety for all forms of life, a world where environment conservation assumes prime importance and where every individual and business takes responsibilities for recycling waste in an appropriate manner

Our values are following standard norms and laws lay down by Karnataka Pollutions control board.

We achieve and maintain quality results and outcomes through continuous performance improvement and learning

Our guide for actions which incorporate our commitment to honesty, fairness, loyalty and trustworthiness is the best interests of our customers and employees.

We dedicate ourselves to provide services unconditionally and without partially.  We are committed to preserving the world we live in and protecting the environment.